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FIFA 17: This is how the appearance of the red cracks in the last 5 games evolved

After the excitement caused by teasers and trailers, this September 27 officially launched the new FIFA 17 , a title that looks to continue hegemony EA Sports football video games, both on consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation, as On PC platform.

Among the new features included in FIFA 17 highlights the award - winning Frostbite graphics engine that allows animations shock or swept look better than ever, well played ball stopped with a range of possibilities enriched for sequences more complex than ever.

For Gonzalo Lara, head of Digital Animation and Video Game Design at the University of the Pacific, one of the reasons why people continue to prefer the games of the FIFA saga is due to the greater number of official teams and leagues, « modes in addition to stories where you have to take a player from lower divisions to the World Cup » .

« Hence the year-to-year changes are based on updating team states (eg, FIFA 15 Chile was not as powerful as now, two America Cups later), but also working on how the physics of the game work and improve The reactions of players in general as well as contextual (defenses / strikers, attacking, defending) « , he adds.

The advantage of official licenses

For many fans it is frustrating to see somewhat strange equipment names rather than real ones.

Fortunately in the field of licenses, FIFA 17 coins hack maintains the leadership as it has the rights of the world ‘s top leagues: Bundesliga (Germany) Serie A (Italy), Premier League (England) and the Spanish League , among others . Among the South American competitions we find the Brazilian, the Argentine and the Chilean.

New mode My Journey

One aspect where this issue really shines is in My Journey , where you have the option to manage a fictional young player of 17 years of the English league called Alex Hunter .

You will be able to control your race so that it escalates until becoming one of the greats of the Premier League. And we say « control » because you can actually decide not only what Hunter does on the court but also outside.

As an example, the user can choose the dialogues that the player will have both with his teammates as with the press. This is how while in some situations you could make Hunter have a calmer attitude, in others you can make him explode with rage.

Women’s selections

Another good news is that FIFA 17 will add women ‘s teams from the Netherlands and Norway. You’ll be able to play with the combined Brazil, Germany, Spain, England or the United States , a country which, incidentally, included her great figure Alex Morgan, which dazzled many after his participation in the FIFA U-20 Women 2008 carried out precisely in Chile.

Photos and evolution of Chile

And what about our cracks? Thanks to the prestige that has gained our selection at international level we can see a marked evolution that have had their appearances.

While a few years ago few nationals managed to reach teams from the Old Continent, today the picture is radically different. While in France 98 only Ivan Zamorano played in Europe (Inter Milan), for South Africa 2014 there were already 15 Chilean players who were active in European teams.

This is how developers are increasingly concerned about the appearance of our compatriots who succeed abroad. Do you remember how Arturo Vidal looked some years ago? Then we will refresh your memory.

Arturo Vidal (Bayern München)

Thanks to his fierceness on the playing field, in addition to the particular look that has characterized him for years, Arturo Vidal is probably the Chilean player who has had more similarity with his versions in the game. Since FIFA 2013 the Chilean has been faithfully molded, to the point that they have even added their tattoos.

After winning four Serie A championships with Juventus, Vidal was transferred to Bayern München, a squad with which he has already won a Bundesliga in addition to a Cup and Super Cup in Germany.

Alexis Sanchez

El Niño Maravilla is the player who has for some time been robbed the attention of the specialized press and the fans. And that status of super star has led to him to be protagonist in the last deliveries of the game, which has taken to that it is faithfully represented by the saga.

The interesting thing is that FIFA has not only been responsible for giving the most realism possible in their factions but also in the way they play. Today Alexis Sánchez defends the colors of the English Arsenal.

Eduardo Vargas

Eduardo Vargas’ career had an explosive start. After gaining everything with the University of Chile, it jumped to Europe arriving in the Naples of Italy, club in which never could settle.

Since then Turboman has been alternating in different teams without much success, something that contrasts with its excellent participations in the Selection of Chile where already it is steeped as one of its historical scorers.

As can be seen in the pictures, Vargas has gone from being a neutral-looking player to one of the most similar.

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